Dr. Maya Bundt (1971)


Non-executive member

Member since: 2020

End of term: 2021

Dual Swiss-German citizen, diploma in geo-ecology (University of Bayreuth), postgraduate diploma in applied statistics (ETH Zurich) and doctorate in environmental sciences/soil physics (ETH Zurich). Since 2016: Head Cyber & Digital Solutions, Swiss Re Insurance. Since 2003: various management positions at Swiss Re, including Chief of Staff Group Strategy (2013 –2016) and Head IT Functional Management (2008 –2013). 2000 to 2003: Strategy Consultant, Boston Consulting Group. Since 2017: member of the Board of Directors, Valiant Bank. Member of the WEF’s Global Future Council for Cybersecurity and Governance of Digital Risks partner at the International Center for Corporate Governance.