Successful 3D implementation on digital APG|SGA screens

It is more important than ever for companies to engage audiences using captivating stories and visual experiences in order to attract people’s attention. 3D Out of Home Media implementations are perfect for this, transforming spots into spectacular experiences that are guaranteed to attract attention. APG|SGA has teamed up with AXA Versicherungen AG to successfully execute the first 3D implementation on digital screens in Zurich main station. 

Campaign and aim
To coincide with the start of the 2023 school year, AXA launched its new prevention campaign: “Grösser als gedacht – den Schulweg wie ein Kind erleben” (engl. “Bigger than expected − Experience the way to school from a child’s perspective”). The aim of this campaign was to allow adult road users to put themselves in children’s shoes and make them aware of the traffic dangers to which children are exposed. 

Over a period of three days, an elaborately designed, oversized replica of a traffic scenario featuring a giant car as the focal point was constructed on the concourse of Zurich main station. This installation allowed adults to view the world through a child’s eyes and gain a first-hand understanding of their perspective.

To draw commuters’ attention to this special campaign, a 3D “Max” waved down at them cheerfully from the large Rail eBoard on the concourse. 

Enthusiastic visitors could have their photo taken alongside the giant car, thereby becoming part of the campaign, with these photos being simultaneously broadcast on digital screens in Zurich main station.

It wasn’t just these 3D spots that attracted a great deal of attention. APG|SGA posters and digital screens in Enge, Hardbrücke, Stadelhofen and Oerlikon railway stations and Zurich main station also successfully drew attention to the campaign. 


Manuela Kohler, Advertising Manager at AXA Versicherungen AG, says: “The campaign embodies the essential role of Out of Home Media as a dynamic medium in mass communication. We were able to reach a broad target group and raise awareness of our message. The integration of innovations on APG|SGA's digital screens not only underlines the creative evolution of the advertising industry, but also the lasting impact of such approaches on a broad audience with whom interaction could be intensified.”

  • Broadcast: All APG|SGA digital screens offer the option to display 3D content. APG|SGA recommends the Rail and City eBoard formats for the best possible 3D effect.

  • Pop-out effect: Mobile elements break out of fixed elements (screen edges), requires space for optimal effect.

  • Animation: Recommended spot duration is between 15 and 30 seconds.

  • 3D check: Before the start of the campaign, APG|SGA offers you the option of a free live 3D check.



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