Dynamic advertising media for a more specific approach to your target group

Digital advertising at Zürich Airport is now even more attractive thanks to the new option for dynamic dis-play of advertising media.

Customers of APG|SGA now have the option of enriching the content of advertising media on the screens in Arrivals 1 and 2 with information from Zürich Airport and having spots displayed dynamically. Arriving pas-sengers waiting for their luggage at the baggage belt can thus be addressed directly and made aware of products or services in an even more targeted manner. 

The basis is formed by the existing offer of XXL eBoards in Arrival 1 and 2. The networks can be booked individually per Arrival or - for 100 percent coverage of all arriving passengers at Zürich Airport - in combina-tion with each other.

The basic offer is booked with a neutral basic subject, which can always be shown. Individual text modules are dynamically stored on this subject and are exchanged or displayed depending on the case. The dynamic text modules react to the following information of Zürich Airport or the respective baggage belt:


  •  The origin of a landed plane, e.g., «Grüezi New York», «Willkommen aus Dubai», «Welcome Ham-burg», etc. 


  •  The duration until baggage claim, e.g. «Only 8 minutes left until your luggage reaches you.»


  • The corresponding airline, e.g., «Glad you flew with Swiss.»

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Entire advertising offer of XXL eBoards in Arrival 1 and Arrival 2

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