Dynamic advertising media for precise addressing of your target group

Digital advertising at Zurich Airport is more relevant thanks to the possibility of dynamic playout of commercials – and also even more efficient considering the increasing passenger frequency.

The major advantage of a direct connection of APG|SGA's digital screens to the airport data is that content from advertising media on the XXL eBoards in the arrivals area (Arrival 1 and 2) can be enriched with relevant information from Zurich Airport. Arriving passengers waiting at the baggage carousel can thus be addressed directly and referred to products or services in a more targeted manner.

Individual text modules are dynamically stored in a basic motif and automatically exchanged or displayed depending on the case in question. You can react to the following information from Zurich Airport or the respective baggage carousel:

  • The origin of a landed airplane, e.g., "Grüezi New York", "Willkommen aus Dubai", "Welcome Hamburg", etc.

  • The duration until baggage claim, e.g. "Only 8 minutes until your baggage reaches you".

  • The corresponding airline, e.g., "Thank you for flying with Swiss".


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Discover the success story of Swisscard.

Tempting air miles offer with accuracy

Swisscard enriched its commercial with the airport of origin of arriving planes from Europe to attract the attention of waiting passengers.

Credit card issuer Swisscard implemented a digital campaign at Zurich Airport. The goal was to promote the SWISS Miles & More Gold credit cards with a special offer.

A commercial was created, which was supplemented with dynamic text modules and used at Arrival 1 at Zurich Airport to reach passengers from Europe. Arriving passengers from Berlin, for example, saw a commercial with their destination of origin on their baggage carousel. In this way, the client aroused the interest of its potential customers, who are generally very receptive to relevant information while waiting at the baggage carousel.

"Dynamic DOOH advertising at the airport is an ideal product for SWISS Miles & More, as we have been able to target our audience even more specifically. Thanks to the constant presence with DOOH, we were able to increase the visibility of the credit cards."
Jiri Kral, Sr. Marketing Manager SWISS Miles & More Credit Cards, Swisscard AECS GmbH



Danilo M. Ciaravolo
Head of Airport Advertising / Sales International