Welcome to Zurich's hotspot – Bahnhofplatz!

The 64 F12 top illuminated billboards at Zurich's hotspot offer you an unrivalled advertising opportunity to put your brand at the centre of the action. The longest tram stop shelter in Europe turns every campaign into a real eye-catcher.

APG|SGA is now offering you a limited offer for a short time only to book these spaces exclusively on a weekly basis as full branding or even more flexibly as a block of 4. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to secure this premium location exclusively  without making a long-term commitment. We look forward to receiving your enquiry by 21 June 2024 at the latest.





Gross CHF


Full Branding


CHF 44,968 for 7 days



Block of 4




From CHF 2,248 for 7 days (the costs depend on the position and the SPR+ value)


Specifications & Restrictions

  • The regular discount conditions of APG|SGA (GCD, AVD etc.) apply.
  • The 64 F12 illuminated surfaces are arranged in groups of four and interrupted by transparent glass modules.
  • Restrictions: Alcohol, tobacco (incl. e-cigarettes), politics, religion. In case of doubt, the subject must be submitted to the authorities.

We look forward to receiving your binding enquiry. The following applies: First come, first served. 


Request a binding offer

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