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In the Swiss capital, history meets modern dynamism. Become part of the unique blend of tradition and innovation with your campaign and book your advertising space in Bern today.

The best spaces for advertising posters in Bern

Would you like to place your message perfectly in Bern? We offer you a unique selection of premium spaces in the best locations. From busy shopping streets to busy traffic routes - we provide your message with the optimal presence in the right place.

Poster formats in Bern

Benefits of poster advertising in Bern

  • Local presence
    Posters and screens are highly visible and reach passers-by in various areas of Bern. Placing advertising locally creates a direct link to your brand.
  • High visibility
    Outdoor advertising offers a constant presence in public spaces. Your message remains anchored in people's minds.
  • Target group-specific approach
    Specific bookings of screens and posters allow you to reach your target group exactly where they are. This allows you to focus your advertising message precisely on the people of Bern.
  • Increase brand awareness
    Multiple visual contact with your outdoor advertising campaign in different parts of the city strengthens brand recognition. Potential customers become aware of your brand and existing customers are strengthened in their trust in you.
  • Attention through creativity
    Visually appealing designs and clear messages attract attention. Poster advertising gives you the opportunity to be creative and eye-catching.

APG|SGA – Your best choice for poster advertising in Bern

We know the Bernese market and have been the specialists throughout Switzerland for many years - with competent consulting teams on site in Bern and in your area. Thanks to our local expertise, we know the best way to deploy advertising messages in Bern. We ensure that your message is placed in the best strategic locations to reach your target group. APG|SGA supports you from the initial consultation to the booking and display and makes your outdoor advertising campaign in Bern shine.

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With APG|SGA easy, you can plan and book individual posters, entire poster networks, digital networks, and interior public transport advertising in Bern. You benefit from a 10% online discount.

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Frequently asked questions

In the communication spaces «Railway stations», «POI/POS», «Streets and squares» and in/at «Public transport» we offer the following formats:

  • F4
  • F12
  • F200
  • ePanel
  • eBoard
  • TrafficMediaScreen
  • HangingDisplay
  • HangingDisplay with Dispenser
  • RailPoster
  • RailPosterMidi
  • Window decal
  • MegaPoster
  • F200 Traffic
  • TrafficBoard
  • RoofStrip
  • FullRearWrap
  • FullWrap
  • RearWindowsVinyl and RearBodyVinyl

Details of the formats listed can be found on this page under «Poster formats in Bern»

You can book your desired spaces online in our APG|SGA easy booking tool:

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In order to prepare us optimally for the consultation, we ask you for as much information as possible about your desired campaign (if available).



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Head of Sales consulting Midland/Central/North
Marcel Graf
Sales Consulting Bern centre
Jean-Pierre Roeder
Sales Consulting Bern
Andreas Jirenec
Sales Consulting Berner Oberland
Erhan Ünlü
Sales Consulting Bern centre
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