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Poster advertising material research


APG|SGA has been testing the qualitative impact of poster campaigns for over 20 years. To this end, it developed the Poster Performance Index (PPI), which is now an established post-test tool in Out of Home advertising. This test measures advertising effectiveness based on the following criteria:

  • Recall
  • Brand recognition
  • Appeal

All the results of the long-term study are gathered in a database, arranged by sector, and used as a benchmark for the values achieved by specific campaigns.


Methodology and annual programme

The study is based on a sample of 500 random and representative people in the conurbations of Basel, Bern, Genève, Lausanne and Zürich. The data are gathered via personal online surveys, which take place immediately after the end of the campaigns and are carried out by independent research institute intervista AG in recurring survey waves.


The long-term PPI study currently shows the following average performances for all tested poster campaigns since 2003:

  • 45% recall (activation potential from Out of Home advertising pressure)
  • 66% brand recognition (brand awareness)
  • 65% appeal (viewer's subjective assessment)

A selection of the most successful visuals can be found in our Best of PPI tool or in the brochure (1.7 MB) , which is published at regular intervals.

Best of PPI 2015–2019


Benefits of the Poster Performance Index
  • Comprehensive proof of impact: The effectiveness of poster visuals (recall, brand recognition and appeal) is measured and the findings can be incorporated in the refinement of the campaign.
  • Practical controlling and benchmarking tool: In combination with the quantitative performance values (reach, OTS, GRP and CPM), the PPI provides information on how efficiently each franc was invested in advertising.
  • Exclusive to APG|SGA customers: The PPI is an established post-test tool for poster campaigns and is exclusively available as part of APG|SGA's range of services. For poster campaigns upwards of CHF 250,000 net, the test is carried out free on request, depending on availability.

Detailed studies on selected campaigns can be found in our Best Practice Cases section.


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Tips on designing a visual

Besides finding the best locations, a poster’s impact depends crucially on presenting a well-designed message. Poster design is guided by the laws of human perception. It is simple and focused and reduces image and text to just a few, memorable signs and characters that even a viewer in a hurry can recognize and retain as relevant.

APG|SGA provides two platforms for well-designed posters, which do justice to the high quality of the creative output.

Swiss Poster Award

Each year, a carefully selected jury of prominent figures from the realms of advertising, culture and design awards prizes to the best creations submitted, based on pre-defined criteria.

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Poster of the Month

“Poster of the Month” is the Swiss online poster competition. The critical consumer eye decides which poster is voted "Poster of the Month".       

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