Content: Poster advertising material research

Poster advertising material research

A confrontation with a poster establishes thedirect contact between its featured message and the audience which includes the target group. A message will be correctly delivered if it is not only correctly transported but also correctly perceived. For this reason, the optimized cooperation between the customer (sender of the message) and APG|SGA as the provider (transporter of the message) is crucial. As is the case for every advertising measure, the impact of a poster campaign also depends on numerous other factors. They include exogenous influences such as the state of the economy, climate/weather, exchange rates, and competitive activities as well as endogenous factors involving marketing measures such as pricing.


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Posttest - PPI

The Poster Performance Index PPI is an exclusive service tool for our customers.

Overview of contents

Comprehensive quantitative and qualitative performance ratings for poster campaigns: Reach, opportunities to see, GRP, recall, brand recognition, and appeal. Field work in recurring waves of interviews in Swiss Top5 agglomerations (Greater Basel, Bern, Zurich and Geneva, Lausanne). Personal online interviews immediately after the end of the postings. Overall results per campaign, also differentiated according to sex and age group. Basis for benchmarking: PPI average values totaled and differentiated according to sectors.


The results of this long-term study will be compiled in a database and regularly summarized in test reports. We will provide you with additional analyses and up-to-date information in periodically appearing newsletters.



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