This is how easy mobile advertising is for SMEs

Now you can attract attention in the digital world in an inexpensive and clever way

aymo GeoTarget and aymo AudienceTarget take your advertising to your customer area and to the target groups you have defined. This is how you boost the relevance of your regional campaign. Flexible, fast, and playfully easy, you reach your existing and new customers directly on their smartphones. And that' s how it works:

Step 1: aymo GeoTarget

Define the radius of your catchment area
- for example, around your store. Depending on the geographical situation and industry, 10, 20, 30 km or completely individually according to your wishes

Step 2: aymo AudienceTarget

Select the appropriate target group for your company and, if necessary, expand the radius according to step 1 to address the selected target group more broadly.

Step 3: Broadcast

All smartphone users in the defined target group who are within the defined radius during the campaign period and open an app or mobile website from the network will have your message displayed in real time.

Our tip!

For an even greater impact of your advertising message, we recommend a combination of aymo Mobile Targeting and outdoor advertising.

Our 18 predefined target groups


Guidelines for 14-day campaigns

Your investment in more awareness

aymo GeoTarget


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Seline Guggisberg
Head of Partner & Account Management
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