Content: Corporate mission statement / Code of conduct

Corporate mission statement APG|SGA


Remit and strategic objectives (Mission & Vision)

APG|SGA is a modern service and media company with decades of tradition, and an emphasis on operations in Switzerland. Out of home media is the focus of our activities, and we want to continue to develop this business sustainably and with an eye to quality. We offer our market partners – advertising clients, private land lords and the public sector – a comprehensive range of out of home media. This includes analog and digital advertising formats, as well as services for the general public and our market partners throughout the customer journey. It also includes data-supported links with mobile media and various interactive opportunities. APG|SGA is open to alliances, partnerships, innovations, technologies and new areas of business to achieve its strategic goals. We are a responsible employer and focus on value-adding activities that benefit our shareholders and market partners. We aim to lead the markets and segments in which we are active. APG|SGA relies on efficient digital processes and ensures an adequate return on equity, in order to safeguard its development and independence and thus create added value in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

Organizational culture and management principles

As an employer, APG|SGA offers viable and attractive careers. It supports training and development and fosters motivation through open communication and rapid decision-making channels. APG|SGA leads with clear objectives, rewards personal achievement and provides attractive options for participating in the company’s success.