Content: Corporate mission statement / Code of conduct

Corporate mission statement APG|SGA


Vision & Purpose 

«We want to use the very best communication solutions in public spaces to inspire people.»

APG|SGA is a dynamic service enterprise founded on Swiss traditions and with a focus on Out of Home media: Digital. Analogue. Mobile. Interactive.
By offering comprehensive products and services, APG|SGA brings together the individual needs of local, national and international advertising customers, private landowners and the public sector, consumers, employees, investors and society with a flexible and value-adding approach.
APG|SGA has an ongoing impact on the development of Out of Home advertising with its focus on innovation and quality. APG|SGA commands the best locations, utilizes all technological possibilities, gives its employees the space they need and supports them with their further development.

Promises & Principles

With our services we want to live our vision and the purpose of APG|SGA in everyday life. To this end, we make promises to our advertising clients, partners, employees, shareholders, the society and the environment, as well as in the competence sectors "market positioning, product and service portfolio" and "creativity, technology and innovation". In the cooperation, with management and leadership, we want to live up to our promises based on our values and make every contact with APG|SGA a positive experience. 

These binding rules of conduct and values on the basis of the APG|SGA corporate mission statement are explained in our "Code of Conduct". They are supplemented by the "Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Guidelines".