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The allure of the mountains is attracting more and more people to the heights. Reach your target audience with advertising in the mountains and elevate your brand to a new level.

Leisure hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering, paragliding and much more - there are no limits to summer fun in the Swiss mountains. The unique ambience in the mountains attracts nature enthusiasts and brings about a soothing, carefree feeling. It is precisely in such emotional moments that the surrounding advertising messages are perceived intensively, positively as well as entertainingly and have the greatest effect on the purchase decision. 

Our versatile range of analog and digital advertising media offers you exclusive advertising opportunities to reach active summer sports fans. Secure the best spaces for your regional advertising campaign.

Take the chance now and place your advertising message in the mountains.


The Swiss mountains are one of the most beautiful places in the world

The feeling of freedom in the mountains is indescribable. This emotional environment gives the advertising messages a special effect: analog as well as digital advertising is perceived more strongly and seen as a welcome change during waiting times.


Source: Intervista-Befragung «Werbung in Berggebieten Sommer» 2021 BASPO, Sport Schweiz 2020


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