Political outdoor advertising

Convince and mobilize the electorate in political elections and votings with outdoor advertising.

APG|SGA provides you with Out of Home advertising offers specially created to meet your needs. These offer you the opportunity to utilise your budget effectively and communicate your message to your potential voters in a credible and targeted manner.

Information and documents

APG|SGA regularly provides you with useful and helpful information and documents for your political outdoor advertising.
What is an F4 contingent?

A contingent consists of one or more spaces in F4 format reserved by municipalities and cities for political outdoor advertising. These spaces are made available to parties and politicians for a period of 2 to 4 weeks before an election. In some cases, the offer is free of charge. The poster sites are both fixed and temporary. The number of spaces available for distribution varies from year to year.

As a rule, the reserved areas are distributed according to a distribution key specified by the authorities, which takes into account all parties, groups, action committees or persons admitted to the election or vote in equal shares. All contingents are divided equally. This means that each party or candidate receives the same number of poster spaces. In the case of elections to the National Council, one contingent is available per party. For elections to the Council of States, the contingent is broken down by candidate. There is one contingent per candidate. In order to ensure equality in voting, contingents can be shared within the supporters or opponents. This depends on how many requests are received by APG|SGA.

APG|SGA coordinates the distribution of the contingent and sends the order confirmations to the client 4 weeks before the start of posting.

How can an F4 contingent be booked?

If you are interested in an F4 contingent, you can directly contact your sales consultant. All orders will be collected and then divided fairly. Please refer to the point above.

Are there also contingents for digital advertising media or other formats?

No, there are no contingents for these. The contingents only take into account the analog poster format F4.

Can an individual also book a contingent for election advertising?

Yes, an individual can also book a contingent if he or she is standing for election and it is a majority election.

  • Paid political advertising may be posted at all times. The F4 format, the MegaPoster and the canton of Basel-Land however are exceptions. It therefore is not legally allowed to publish poltical OOH advertising earlier than six weeks before the actual election date. This does apply to all formats, except HangingDisplays and window decals.


The brochure «Outdoor advertising for political elections» explains how outdoor advertising supports your election campaign.

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