Streets and Squares

Streets and squares – advertising at the cutting edge of mobility with APG|SGA.

Mobility is ubiquitous. People are on the move every day, whether on foot, in cars or on public transport. Well-built infrastructures make travelling from A to B a breeze, and planning and developing such heavily used spaces are arts in themselves. With targeted advertising in public spaces – street advertising or city centre advertising, for instance – APG|SGA is taking responsibility for the development of these high-traffic advertising channels. The power of posters and new digital outdoor advertising formats allows you to benefit directly from this highly effective advertising environment.

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Product categories

Reach and mobilise your target groups with APG|SGA. We enable you to plan and book exactly the right product to appear where your target audiences are, so you can meet your advertising goals. Our analogue products include posters, “MegaPosters”, interior and exterior formats for public transport, special solutions and promotions, while our digital products come in screen formats, mobile ads and interactive products. APG|SGA embraces the whole spectrum of solutions and has just the right product for you.