SBB Werbung
Railway stations

SBB and railway station advertising from a single source.

Railway stations are like beehives, buzzing with activity from morning until night. Whether stations are big transport hubs with integrated shops or small stops connecting rural areas with towns and cities, the people using them are dynamic and complex. They include daily commuters, weekend and holiday travellers, and local people passing through. You can reach them directly by using digital and analogue advertising formats from APG|SGA in these popular public contact spaces. Our channels for tailored railway stations and SBB advertising appeal to modern, proactive and trend-aware target groups in an environment that inspires purchase decisions.

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SBB Werbung

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Reach and mobilise your target groups with APG|SGA. We enable you to plan and book exactly the right product to appear where your target audiences are, so you can meet your advertising goals. Our analogue products include posters, “MegaPosters”, interior and exterior formats for public transport, special solutions and promotions, while our digital products come in screen formats, mobile ads and interactive products. APG|SGA embraces the whole spectrum of solutions and has just the right product for you.