Advertising on the move in XXL format. “TrafficBoards” are top-quality eye-catchers. The vinyl advertising spaces are placed on the side of the bus facing the road and are as much a part of the bustling city as the buses themselves. If you routinely run these campaigns then you, too, will soon become part of the cityscape with your bold, roving advertisements. This format is perfect for striking designs.


Advertising medium: Vehicle exterior
Format: TrafficBoard
Minimum booking unit: 12 weeks


Communication spaces

Advertising Channels for Outdoor Advertising in Switzerland

Once someone steps out of their front door in Switzerland, they head off to streets, squares, railway stations, shopping centres, the mountains, airports and other points of interest. Advertising messages make the biggest impact if they’re placed where the hustle and bustle is – especially if they can be scheduled to appear in the right place at the right time. As the market leader for outdoor advertising, APG|SGA serves all relevant communication spaces in Switzerland, ensuring your advertising message appears whenever and wherever your target groups are present.


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Passengers can’t miss the size and sheer visibility of exterior formats on public transport. These formats circulate on all major transport routes, displaying in and around railways stations, at bus and tram stops, in squares, in town and city centres, and in metropolitan and rural areas. The travelling APG|SGA advertising spaces leave a lasting impression and have no competition in their immediate vicinity.

Templates and specifications

Public transport exterior formats