APG|SGA Sustainability Report 2023

On track for ambitious climate targets – even more comprehensive reporting

May 22, 2024

The ‘APG|SGA Sustainability Report’, now in its 21st issue, provides even more detailed information than ever before on the status of measures implemented, alongside targets and initiatives in the context of the comprehensive corporate social responsibility strategy. The report represents a milestone in several respects. It explains how the company will meet the increasing demands for sustainable business activities and transparency, and underlines APG|SGA’s leading role.

With reference to the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the European Sustainability Standard (ESRS), the ‘APG|SGA Sustainability Report 2023’ has been expanded and redesigned in the interest of ensuring even greater transparency. This has made the 21st report more comprehensive and provides an even deeper insight into corporate social responsibility management at APG|SGA. In addition, the system parameters of the life cycle assessment have been expanded in accordance with the requirements of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). This means that all group companies are under the full operational control of APG|SGA and upstream processes are fully taken into account.

Before new ambitious targets were defined for the entire company based on the Group-wide greenhouse gas balance sheet, the short-term science-based reduction target set in 2017 for greenhouse gas emissions was assessed. APG|SGA has clearly achieved its interim goal for 2023. Last year, the optimisation of heating systems and renovation measures, which improved the energy efficiency of buildings and led to a 21% reduction in heating energy consumption compared with 2022, played a particular role in this.

APG|SGA once again scored A- in the ‘CDP Climate Change Score 2023’, underlining its leading role in climate protection reporting. This assessment was confirmed by APG|SGA’s inclusion on the list of ‘Europe’s Climate Leaders’ compiled by the Financial Times in collaboration with Statista in 2023 and 2024. CEO Markus Ehrle: ‘I am pleased that we have clearly reached the interim climate target and have been able to stay on track towards the 1.5-degree target. CDP and the Financial Times recognising what has been achieved is a clear acknowledgement of our endeavours. The integration of the Serbian subsidiary Alma Quattro into our active environmental management system presents us with an exciting challenge. In addition to climate protection, we also set social and cultural priorities as part of our holistic CSR strategy.’

Social responsibility as an indispensable cornerstone
In 2023, APG|SGA joined the global network UN Global Compact and was certified as a ‘Great Place To Work’ thanks to the positive results of the employee survey. APG|SGA improved its good performance in its analysis of maintaining equal pay for women and men with the ‘Fair-ON-Pay Advanced’ certificate. The company supports diversity and promotes gender equality. The proportion of women in managerial positions increased compared with the previous year. The company continues to maintain and develop social and cultural partnerships. APG|SGA uses poster sponsorship valued in the eight figures to support various cultural, sporting and non-profit organisations and is co-sponsor of the ‘Swiss Out of Home Award’ alongside other creative competitions in the ‘Out of Home Media’ category.

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Nadja Mühlemann
Head of PR / press office