With mobile advertising to electoral success

«aymo AudienceTarget Election» offers customers from the political sector an innovative advertis-ing opportunity to cover the desired electoral district with meter precision and to reach the poten-tial electorate in a targeted manner. And this is how it works:

Step 1: Define electoral area

Polygons allow the precise delimitation and definition of areas down to the meter. Thus, either the whole of Switzerland, cantons, districts, or municipalities can be covered.

Step 2: Potential electorate 

With «aymo AudienceTarget Election» you reach the resident population of your desired election canton. 

Step 3: Accurate playout

All smartphone users who are in the defined area (municipality, district, canton, or the whole of Switzerland) during your campaign period, belong to the defined target group (e.g., resident population of the canton of Bern) and open an app from the network receive your political message in real time.

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Seline Guggisberg
Head of Partner & Account Management
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