POS Werbung

Targeted POS/POI advertising at locations with major appeal.

Shopping centres, points of interest, car parks, trade shows and exhibitions are places that have an especially high level of appeal. They turn your targeted locations and selected marketing areas into frequently and actively visited public spaces. As a full-service provider for out of home advertising solutions, APG|SGA covers these hotspots and monitors people’s mobility flows from their front door to the point of interest. This means that you have the option of building up interest in your products and services wherever your target groups are mobile until they reach your campaign’s crowning glory at the POI or POS.

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POS Werbung


Whether portrait or landscape, supersize or subtle, static or animated, APG|SGA offers digital and analogue products in formats that are perfectly suited to their specific purpose. Our range includes the F4 and F12 classic poster formats, bus rear formats, “TrafficBoards”, “ePanels”, “eBoards”, “Mountain Screens” and many other screen formats, as well as high-precision mobile advertising.

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Reach and mobilise your target groups with APG|SGA. We enable you to plan and book exactly the right product to appear where your target audiences are, so you can meet your advertising goals. Our analogue products include posters, “MegaPosters”, interior and exterior formats for public transport, special solutions and promotions, while our digital products come in screen formats, mobile ads and interactive products. APG|SGA embraces the whole spectrum of solutions and has just the right product for you.

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