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Outdoor advertising helps overcome times of crisis

Casino Lugano is centrally located directly at Lago di Lugano and is one of the top Swiss casinos. In 2020, it had to close for three months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When it reopened, Casino Lugano took advantage of the strong impact of outdoor advertising.

A success: With a digital and analog outdoor advertising campaign "Let's play everything, but not with our health", the desired target group was informed about the reopening as well as the security measures of Casino Lugano and encouraged to visit. A humorous campaign in a playing card motif with protective masks and gloves attracted a lot of attention. "The decline in visitor frequencies was significantly reduced thanks to the outdoor advertising campaign," says Gianmaria Frapolli, Director of Casino Lugano. The comparison with the direct, local competition (see chart below) shows: Outdoor advertising helps even in times of crisis.

  • Humorous implementation generated attention and encouraged to visit the casino.

  • Direct comparison of competitors shows the successful impact of outdoor advertising. (See graphic: Visitor frequency development in Lugano sank less low than in Mendrisio.)

  • Decrease in visitor frequencies could be reduced.

Flyer Casino Lugano


Unfortunately, Casinò Lugano had to close its doors because of the COVID-19 pandemic during the first lockdown in 2020. How did it deal with this situation?

Casinò Lugano had to close its doors from March to June 2020, in compliance with regulations issued by Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health. But closing to the public didn’t mean everything ground to a halt, as the casino’s projects were able to continue thanks to the commitment of the entire team. We developed a range of activities, such as the new online gambling platform ‘Swiss4win’, which launched in March 2021. And we made numerous infrastructure changes to our building, while also greatly expanding our range of games. We want to ensure that what we offer our customers is completely up to date and innovative.


What was the goal of your outdoor advertising campaign?

Among the main goals of the outdoor advertising campaign, which we created while the casino was closed, was communicating the reopening of the casino, as well as the safety measures, which apply to employees and players alike. Complying with COVID-19 safety provisions was and is a given with us, and remains our highest priority. That’s the idea behind the outdoor advertising campaign: ‘Let’s all keep playing, but not with our health’. The campaign featured the King, Queen and Jack from playing cards, but with masks, protective gloves and disinfectant – our new daily essentials. The three playing card figures were shown either individually or all together, depending on the channel, and were an excellent way of communicating with the public and with our own employees.


What results did you see from the outdoor advertising campaign, and would you use this medium again in the future?

The campaign ‘Let’s all keep playing, but not with our health’ reached 696,000 people. For Casinò Lugano, the goal of the advertising campaign was never economic; instead, we wanted to raise awareness of the importance of sticking to the safety provisions. The decline in visitor numbers we experienced after the reopening in early June was understandable, given concern about public health safety measures. The out of home campaign we ran was a great help in stemming that decline in visitors. Plans for the future? Always giving our best by creating advertising campaigns to inspire people.

Gianmaria Frapolli, Director des Casinos Lugano

Gianmaria Frapolli, Director, Casinò Lugano

Source: Schweizer Casino Verband, 2020

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Best Practice «Swisslos» 

Posters increase sales by 29.8%

The Win for Life instant ticket was launched in 2001 and has since become a successful long-seller through advertising. After three years without any advertising support, sales began to decline. Thanks to several high-impact Out of Home advertising campaigns using posters as the main medium in the largest cities of German-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino, the downward trend was halted, and sales improved considerably.

The idea: To increase awareness and sales through a wide-reaching media strategy with posters in high-footfall areas where Swisslos sales outlets are also located.

The result: A long-term rise in sales of Win for Life instant tickets of 29.8%.

Flyer Swisslos




Best Practice «Ristorante Enzian» 

More guests thanks to effective poster advertising

Posters work - locally and regionally: The Ristorante Enzian from Horw has drawn attention to itself with posters in its vicinity and on the access axes. And more guests came promptly.

"We are very positively surprised by the success and the effect of posters," says Ms. Sandra Santos, co-owner of Ristorante Enzian, in an interview with APG | SGA.

Watch the whole interview and convince yourself of the effective effect of poster advertising.



Strong sales thanks to targeted Out of Home ad Carré's

posters work

The ticket sales of the Art on Ice shows in Zurich's Hallenstadion profit best of strong impulses during a relatively short period after the stars have been announced. Studies show that on first contact - compared with all other advertising media - the poster achieves above-average awareness levels.

Flyer Art on Ice 

Art on Ice

Posters get your events noticed

Each year, in the spring, a barbecue exhibition is organized by Selzam AG - the leading Swiss barbecue specialist center - to mark the start of the BBQ season. The aim is to keep in touch with existing customers and gain potential new customers for the company, from the Winterthur region. Thanks to a locally and regionally-based poster campaign, at the start of the season Selzam AG was able to welcome lots of customers to its barbecue exhibition. The results of the customer survey demonstrate the impact of the Out of Home advertising measures.

  • Posters have a bigger impact than all other media used.

  • The design impresses with its clear message.

  • The blanket coverage of the target region guaranteed high visibility.

Flyer Selzam


How purple vehicles can become brand ambassadors

Valiant is an independent bank which operates exclusively in Switzerland and is one of the most important financial service providers, with over 85 branches. It offers private customers, self-employed persons and SMEs a comprehensive, easy-to-understand offering in all financial matters.

For many years now, Valiant has used the inimitable "Purple" brand, which is unique within the banking sector, and has had great success with it. The aim is to directly target mobile and urban target groups to increase brand awareness sustainably. Regular studies investigate the development of the perception and effect of campaigns.

85% of respondents were able to recognize the subject of the Valiant brand – even for anonymized sender information. 

Flyer Valiant


Poster campaign Echinaforce®

Out of Home Targetin allows the accurate placement of messages along major distribution channels

With a prominent poster campaign for its Echinaforce® product as well as a systematic approach in site selection and target group communication, Bioforce AG achieved excellent sales pressure and advertising impact.


Out of Home advertising: right place, right time

McDonald's "Grand Big Mac"

Out of Home advertising: right place, right time. McDonald's Schweiz regularly surprises the market with eye-catching poster advertising. The humorous presentation of posters for the classic ''Big Mac'' line was very successful – right place, right time.

Flyer McDonald's