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With our diverse range of formats, there are virtually no limits to your creativity.






F4 - world format

The F4 poster, paper size 89.5 x 128 cm, is often placed in pedestrian zones and is very popular for cultural and event campaigns.




F200 - city format

The F200 portrait format, paper size 116.5 x 170 cm is mainly used in urban areas in spaces near waiting locations or along streets.




F200L - city format

An F200L poster space, paper size 119 x 170 cm (visible size 116 x 166 cm), is backlit and found primarily in city centres or integrated into waiting rooms and shelters.




F12 - wide format

The characteristics of the F12 poster board, paper size 268.5 x 128 cm, mean that it is mostly placed along busy streets, main thoroughfares or car parks.




F12L - wide format

The back-lit F12L landscape format, paper size 268.5 x 128 cm (visible size 264 x 123.5 cm), is found both alongside streets and at prominent locations in stations and car parks.




F24 - large format

The F24, paper size 268.5 x 256 cm, is found exclusively at prime busy locations.




F400LT - startower

The F400LT, paper size 123 x 340 cm (visible size 116 x 336 cm), is ideal for the backlit Startower in city centres, which attracts attention with rotation.


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