Airport Screen

Advertising medium Airport Screen
Format 16:9
Spot length from 10 seconds
Minimum booking unit 7 days

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Advertising Channels for Outdoor Advertising in Switzerland

Once someone steps out of their front door in Switzerland, they head off to streets, squares, railway stations, shopping centres, the mountains, airports and other points of interest. Advertising messages make the biggest impact if they’re placed where the hustle and bustle is – especially if they can be scheduled to appear in the right place at the right time. As the market leader for outdoor advertising, APG|SGA serves all relevant communication spaces in Switzerland, ensuring your advertising message appears whenever and wherever your target groups are present.


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With more than 2,100 screens in prime locations, APG|SGA is the market leader for digital advertising spaces in Switzerland. We offer a range of digital formats in all language regions, ensuring the widest reach and greatest visibility. Our digital advertising range includes large-scale “ePanels” and “eBoards” at all major railway stations, in the streets of major Swiss towns and cities, in and around Zurich and Basel airports, at popular ski locations and in more than two dozen busy shopping centres. That’s not to mention the attention-grabbing screens installed on the buses and trams operated by public transport companies across Switzerland. Most of our digital advertising spaces can be booked as programmatic advertising and are supported by the latest performance data from SPR+, the Swiss research institute for out of home media and mobility.

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