Mobile targeting

“aymo” is the most accurate mobile targeting in Switzerland. This location data technology developed by APG|SGA is based on a direct data connection to high-quality and high-reach mobile apps that generate more than 3.8 million location data points a day. You can use perimeters and polygons to define target areas on a map and narrow them down to the metre. The service’s precision greatly increases the relevance of your advertising message in terms of time and place.

Advertising medium: In-app aymo mobile targeting
Format: Medium rectangle and many more
Minimum booking: 35,000 ad impressions
Spot length: Max. 30 seconds
Price: From CHF 2000

Communication spaces

Once someone steps out of their front door in Switzerland, they head off to streets, squares, railway stations, shopping centres, the mountains, airports and other points of interest. Advertising messages make the biggest impact if they’re placed where the hustle and bustle is – especially if they can be scheduled to appear in the right place at the right time. As the market leader for outdoor advertising, APG|SGA serves all relevant communication spaces in Switzerland, ensuring your advertising message appears whenever and wherever your target groups are present.

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Advertising on smartphones allows you to reach your target groups right where they are, and the best solution for this is “aymo”, the most accurate mobile targeting in Switzerland. Whether your target audience is reading the news on the tram, waiting for a train, out and about shopping or skiing in the mountains, “aymo” mobile advertising from APG|SGA finds just the people you’re looking for. Your campaign will enjoy outstanding visibility, measurable results and minimal ad wastage.

aymo Mobile Targeting

Mobile advertising