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Quick guide

Frequently Asked Questions

- Production & delivery

You can find the information for digital advertising media here:

You can find the information for posters here:


- Creating video for still pictures

Can still pictures be delivered if these are to be screened in succession in the same loop and with a predetermined running time?

If you wish to screen several still pictures in succession, these must be delivered as an advert.


- Upload time

How long does it take to upload an advertising medium?

The upload time depends on the bandwidth of your Internet connection and the size of the advertising medium.

- Preliminary check

What is verified during the preliminary check?

The preliminary check verifies the following production points:

  1. Is the format delivered included in the campaign?
  2. Does the length of the advert delivered match the booked screening period?
  3. Is the frame rate 25 or 50 images/second?
  4. Has the predefined colour space been used? (adverts: yuv, still pictures: rgb)
  5. Has the predefined scan type been used (progressive)?
  6. Has the advert been delivered without an audio track?
  7. Has the advert/the still picture been delivered in a format listed in the production guidelines?


- Final check

When is delivery of the digital advertising media finally accepted?

Once the advertising media has been successfully uploaded, the file is rendered (changed into playback format) and then checked against legal and ethical criteria. You will receive an e-mail from us when the final check has been concluded.


- Campaign link for upload

I would like to send the upload link to my producers, where can I locate it?

The link to upload digital advertising media can be retrieved in one of three ways:

  1. The link can be found after the Total page on each confirmation for the campaign
  2. You will also find the link in the e-mail you received with the sales documentation
  3. If you have already delivered advertising media for this campaign, you will find the campaign in the list, from where you can retrieve the link via " DELIVER ADVERTISING MEDIA " and then copy it from the browser address bar.


- Displaying campaigns and advertising media

Why am I unable to see every existing campaign?

Following registration, checks are made to determine whether your personal information can be assigned to an existing company in our customer base. If the company is not yet registered, an entirely new entry will have to be created. Until this has been completed, you will only be able to see the advertising media you have delivered in your customer account.