Delivery of digital Out of Home campaigns at APG|SGA successfully verified by PwC

May 11, 2023

APG|SGA, market leader in digital and analogue Out of Home Media, was subject to an audit by independent auditors PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) to assess the correct delivery and reporting of digital campaigns by independent auditors and was successfully verified. This audit, which extended over a period of three months, underscores APG|SGA’s commitment to guaranteeing advertisers full transparency and accountability regarding delivery of digital Out of Home campaigns. The ASA (Association of Swiss Advertisers) welcomed this important step by APG|SGA.

PwC independently assessed and successfully verified various APG|SGA areas with regard to their digital Out of Home Media processes. This included programmatic campaigns which APG|SGA runs through VIOOH, the world market leader for SSPs. PwC carried out its work in accordance with the International Standard on Related Services (ISRS) 4400 (Revised) “Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements”. Below are the key areas that were audited:

Transmission and processes
The transmission of advertising campaigns on APG|SGA digital advertising media corresponds with the duration agreed with customers. Campaign details like the number of transmissions, prices, products and campaign designation were also reviewed and found to be correct. In addition, the audit confirmed that there were no additional costs to customers for longer transmission times than usual, while there was compensation to the customer for any under-delivery.

There was confirmation that APG documented and strictly adhered to processes for maintenance and servicing. Customers are not billed for booked transmissions that don’t eventuate due to technical disruptions.

Content audit
The PwC audit showed that the content and technical functioning of every advertising medium is reviewed before transmission to ensure they run correctly every time, and that the advertising restrictions applicable for each screen are observed.

“We are proud of the PwC report on our digital Out of Home campaigns”, says Markus Ehrle, CEO of APG|SGA. “The report confirms our commitment to our customers that APG|SGA will always provide the highest standards of transparency and security of service.”

“We greatly welcome this step by APG|SGA. With this certificate, advertisers can be sure that their digital Out of Home campaigns will be run with the utmost care and transparency, and that the agreed DOOH spots will actually be delivered”, says Roland Ehrler, Managing Director of ASA (Association of Swiss Advertisers).

You can find further details on the PwC methodology and audit process here.